Release Sites

Do you have a potential release site?

Good Release Sites – Your garden

You must have wild hedgehogs currently visiting your garden. Some ideas of how to potentially encourage them in can be found here, Create a Hedgehog Friendly Garden as well as reading the BHPS leaflet, I would like a hedgehog for my garden.

Gardens with wild hedgehogs visiting are good.

This means your garden is accessible. Wild areas, no use of slug pellets or rat traps/poison.

Lack of netting and ponds that have shallow areas so that a hedgehog does not get stuck in and drown.

We like our hedgehogs to be supported for a short period after release and that they have a constant supply of fresh water. 

Bad release sites – The countryside

Despite popular belief, it’s not a good idea at all to take a hedgehog to, “the countryside.” We hear many people suggesting folks to that with a hedgehogs they have found, especially in towns. Taking a hedgehog from the environment it knows isn’t good and can potentially harm her, especially if it’s a nursing mother separated from her hoglets. “The countryside” does not necessarily support a hedgehog, there may not be any where you’re thinking and there will be a reason for that, for example, a badger sett. Hedgehogs prefer and do live  in our parks and gardens.

Is your garden open or closed?

By this we mean, whether a hedgehog can leave your garden.

It’s best that hedgehogs can come and go from your garden as they please. Those visiting feeding stations may regularly show up for a meal and move on to return the next night. They may build a nest, stay a while and move on. This is an open garden.

If your garden is surrounded by a wall or other means where a hedgehog is enclosed and cannot leave, then this is a closed one.

Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs are not safer naturally in this environment but there are sometimes reasons why we may prefer this.

Do you wish to be considered as a release site?

If you are interested in your garden being a release site, please complete the form  and state that your garden is open or closed. 

Please note that a carer from Hedgehog Helpline will carry out an assessment of your garden, please do not worry about this, it is so we  can ensure that the gardens are suitable for release, we may offer some suggestions such as the siting of the nest box whilst visiting to ensure the best chance possible for the hedgehogs on their release back to the wild. 

Please fill in and submit below if you have a Release Site and Thank you!

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