Our Founder

We would like to introduce our founder Keith Jones, who after 30 years of dedication to Hedgehog Helpline retired this year. 

In 1988 Keith rescued a sick hedgehog and that was to become the start of Hedgehog Helpline. 

Little did Keith know after rescuing the hedgehog; he would have created a Charity; saved thousands of hedgehogs and trained hundreds of carers.

30 years later; we are still going strong and have a network of over 50 carers from Bridgend to Abergavenny. 

Keith until the past couple of years, trained all carers at the Helpline and has been a huge support to so many. 

Keith has educated and raised awareness to so many over the years; heading up the majority of talks held at schools and community groups; and even in 2018 many adults remember Keith giving a talk on hedgehogs and remember the blind hedgehog that accompanied him. 

Keith this year decided to retire,  Keith has been such a huge part of the Helpline and will be missed by all. 

We are thankful for Keiths dedication over the years and due to Keith thousands of Hedgehogs have had a second chance at life. 


Keith being presented with a lasting reminder of his dedication and hard work towards his work with hedgehogs