A 30 minute podcast from The Guardian’s Gardening Advice talks about how we can help our UK hedgehogs.

As the hedgehog population continues its decline in the UK, what can we do to help?

On the show, to help us answer this question (among others) we have hedgehog fan and naturalist Bill Oddie and ecologist and author Hugh Warwick (@hedgehoghugh) to talk about how to make your garden a hog-friendly space; why hedgehogs aren’t slug-eating machines after all (and why it doesn’t matter); and we delve into the mysterious world of, er, hedgehog porn (yes, really).

      The Guardian podcast on helping hedgehogs -


South East Wales Hedgehog Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release

Hedgehog Helpline’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, sick and orphaned hedgehogs.   We respect the fact that hedgehogs are wild animals – not pets – and we treat them as such.  Here are the key elements of each of the ’3 Rs’



In the main hedgehogs come to us after being found by members of the public.  The easiest way to get in touch is via our helpline 07757 646773.  If you find a hedgehog in distress please see our Emergency Care page.

Note: Hedgehogs with severe injuries should be taken to the nearest vet.



We are extremely grateful to our fantastic team of volunteer carers who look after the hedgehogs that come into us.  We also work with vets and other rescue organisations to maximise the help we can offer hedgehogs.

If you are interested in becoming a carer please see Becoming a hedgehog carer or get in touch via email



We aim to release hedgehogs back into the wild as soon as possible.  However, some hedgehogs will ‘over winter’ with a carer if they have gained insufficient weight to be released.

Rescue – Rehabilitate – Release