Hedgehog Helpline are reliant on fundraising from different sources and we are grateful for every penny that is received.

Much of our money goes on essential everyday items required for the care of hedgehogs; from equipment to medication; the list is endless.

There are various ways in which you can help us.

Donate Cash

PayPal we have our PayPal link to the right or bottom of the screen.

Our preferred method (to save fees) is 

Bank Transfer HSBC  – Sort Code:  40-46-43 Account No:  11104152 please insert a reference in and email us so we know who to thank.


Shopping online

We have recently registered with Easy Fundraising

Where you can help us just by following this link and purchasing your online shopping.

Hedgehog Helpline will receive a donation each time you shop using the link.

Hedgehog Helpline Easy Fundraising

Fundraising is not always about monies 

All items are gratefully received and alternative ways of giving are listed below.

Groups/ Schools or Colleges

Run a hedgehog awareness day/week/month

Use our posters

Carry out your own research

Have a Hoggie Box collection for us. This is a shoe box idea, where you and a group of children or colleagues can each make up a Hoggie Box.                                                       

We’d love to hear from you if you’re doing this, email in and we’ll arrange getting the boxes to us to distribute to our volunteer carers: 

Ideas of contents

Blue Roll/Kitchen Roll 

Feeding bowls 


Cat/Kitten Biscuits 

Wet Dog/Cat Food 

Fridge lids for cans 

Towel/baby fleece blanket 

Nail varnish (to make the hoglets) 

Mini pot of sudacrem /Antiseptic cream 

Small bobble hat for orphans 

Disposable Gloves 

Donate Equipment and food

Clean and good quality critter pens or indoor rabbit hutches

Outdoor runs


Gloves, Disposable or Dishwashing type


Feed dishes 

Tinned or pouch cat/dog food 

Dry cat/kitten biscuits 

Outdoor run
Outdoor run
We use microscopes to diagnose internal parasites in hedgehog faeces
We use microscopes to diagnose internal parasites in hedgehog faeces









Other ideas

Make a hedgehog cake and sell it £1 per slice

There are a few hedgehog cakes online, here is one, chocolate hedgehog cake

Knit some hedgehogs and sell them.  Should you knit one, please do send us in a photograph.