Feeding Stations and Nest Boxes

Leaving out food and water for hedgehogs at any time of year can be life saving.  However, It’s good to protect the food so that family pets and other animal can’t get at it.

The basic design below has proven very effective in attracting hedgehogs to feed in gardens.  You can substitute logs and a wooden roof for the bricks and paving slabs to get the same result.

10346608_695933333822729_745769636125031400_n feeding-station-2-300x195

Remember, please leave water and not milk.  Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. Hedgehogs love wet cat food and dry cat food works just as well and won’t freeze in the winter or go off so quickly in the summer.

11061249_808175422598519_1576597676273020829_nYou could also buy a large plastic storage box and cut a CD sized hole in it and weigh the lid down with a large stone and put food and water in there.


You may also want to invest in a nest-box.

10590503_697639653652097_880588371120591062_n boxinside-300x217

Our hedgehog nest boxes are hand-built to a high specification:

  • Hard-wearing, treated materials
  • Two compartments
  • Removable lid
  • Hedgehog care information supplied
  • Dimensions  W 60cm x  D 30cm x H 18cm


Nest-boxes are £35 each. 

To order one please fill out the following form, thank you.

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