As a voluntary organisation, we can’t always be there straight away to help but by following these steps you can give a hedgehog a better chance of survival.

If you find an injured hedgehog or a hedgehog out in the daytime:


  • Put a hot water bottle filled with warm, not boiling water and wrapped in a towel in the bottom of a high sided box fitted with a lid.


  • Cover the hedgehog with a towel or fleece, and allow space for the hedgehog to move if it feels too warm.


  • Provide fresh water to drink and a small amount of wet cat or dog food. Do not attempt to force or hand feed. Please do not give milk.

Call Hedgehog Helpline as soon as possible.   07557 646773

Tiny hoglets (baby hedgehogs) need urgent attention. Keep them warm and do not attempt to feed. If you find one there may be more. They usually come in litters of 4 or 5. Call Hedgehog Helpline as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about what action to take please seek advice. Sometimes the best advice is to leave the hedgehog alone. For example, a female hedgehog that has a litter of hoglets may leave the nest during the day to collect some more nesting materials.

Details of our area and other rescues can be found here. In the case of a seriously injured hedgehog please take immediately to your nearest veterinary surgery.

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