From time to time; we run ‘Introduction to Hedgehogs’ courses. 

Please keep an eye on this page; for further details. 

Please note we will not be running a course in 2018. 

Hedgehog Helpline now have around 50 volunteer carers and we are taking a break from running the ‘Introduction to Hedgehogs courses’, while we focus on training, supporting and mentoring our current carers effectively.

We are a very small trustee led charity, and it’s vital that we do not grow too big and are unable to support volunteers helping the hedgehogs.



We are always looking for carers to join us;  if you are interested in becoming a carer please contact us via the Hedgehog Helpline Phone 07557 646773 or email us Email us here 

Please note we cannot guarantee a place immediately; you will be placed on a list and when a space for training becomes available we shall be in touch. 

Hedgehog Chauffeur/Taxi

As you can imagine our carers are kept exceptionally busy and many also have day jobs. 

On occasions our finders are unable to transport the hedgehog to our carer and if our carer has a hedgehog in care that is requiring attention hourly; it can make it difficult to assist others in need by going to collect a new intake. 

If you are able to volunteer to collect and deliver a hedgehog please let us know, you can state days/times so we only call upon you when you are able, of course, if you have something on when we do call you are not obliged to help on that occasion. 

Our Charity is completely volunteer led and run and without our volunteers we would not be able to assist the hundreds of hedgehogs that need our help year after year.  Therefore any help is appreciated.