Christmas Care Package

Today we have a total of 211 Hedgehogs in care!

These range from orphaned hoglets to injured adults, all requiring care.

You can support us and the Hedgehogs this Christmas by gifting a ‘Hedgehog Care Package’ for just £25.

Your recipient will receive a personalised Hedgehog Card and Certificate.

You can choose to have the Hedgehog Card and Certificate sent to you to pass to the recipient, or sent directly to the recipient. We will contact you about this after you have made your purchase. 

Your gift will help cover the cost of looking after orphaned, sick and injured hedgehogs in care.

 If you would like to purchase this special Christmas gift, please email us at

As a charity, we incur no admin costs: everyone involved with the charity does so on a voluntary basis, leaving you secure in the knowledge that every penny of your gift will be spent on your hedgehog in care.